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All Improv supports the improvisation community. If you want to organize a show, a workshop or if you have another plan related to improvisation, you can ask us at All Improv for financial support.

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What does All Improv do?

The non-profit organization, founded in 2009, is initiated by creators of improvisation theater – such as professionals amateurs and sponsors. All Improv has as its goal to support, expand and promote improv acting. Over the past years All Improv has expanded its objects.

All Improv supports various improvisation activities in Amsterdam. Annually the International festival Impro Amsterdam is supported with a guarantee, helping the festival to grow in participants, visitors, workshops and performances. Regularly international talents are invited to come to Amsterdam for workshops. These workshops as well as performances are facilitated through (financial) support to theaters.

All Improv Youth

All Improv Youth is aimed at cultural participation of youth for whom the entrance to social and cultural activities is not self evident.

All Improv Youth aims to facilitate ways for young people up to the age of 18 to participate and be accepted in cultural and artistic entities.

Apply for financial support

All Improv wants to say yes to projects that broaden the audience of improv, increase the quality and strengthen the community. A connection to Amsterdam is necessary for the project to be considered.

Read more about the guidelines on the request form page. It’s very important to read the form carefully. It saves you and us a lot of time and increases the chances that we approve your request.

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Before you ask your question, make sure to carefully read the information in the application form. Still have questions? Ask them below:

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